Teeth Whitening – The Facts

Teeth Whitening has been available for a long time but lately, it has jumped into the top of the cosmetic treatments list. More and more patients are asking their dentists about teeth whitening .

On the other hand, research shows there is an increase of over 300% in demand for modern whitening methods. Here are some important facts that anybody who is considering cosmetic teeth whitening ought to know.

teeth whitening

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Teeth-whitening treatment lightens the color of your teeth enhances your appearance by reducing tooth discoloration, giving you a brighter smile.

In-surgery whitening is fast and makes an immediate difference. Throughout the process, whitening gel will be applied to your teeth by the dentist and a particular light used to trigger the gel. When the gel is triggered, it remains on your teeth for 15-20 minutes before additional applications. 

However, whitening procedures shouldn't be undertaken without a consultation with your dentist who will analyze the status and sensitivity of your teeth and gums.

Some individuals may endure temporary sensitivity as a result of the effect of the whitening gel used in the procedure, but this is generally mild and short term.

To help your teeth whitening treatment last as long as possible it is very important to prevent food and drink that may stain your teeth for at least a week after whitening. It's also strongly suggested that you give up smoking as long as possible as it is also damaging to your wellbeing.