What Are Therapeutic Wilderness Programs?

For teens who need comprehensive treatment for bad behavior, substance abuse, and related issues, the two options are more successful i.e., therapeutic boarding schools, and wilderness therapy programs.

Wilderness therapy programs for struggling teens and adolescents and various other populations have existed in various forms for decades. Today, teenagers, adolescents, and young adults have a variety of programs to choose from, at locations across the United States. You can also enroll to therapeutic wilderness program via https://woodcreekacademy.com/wilderness-therapy/

Although each program is unique, the basic concept behind the wilderness philosophy is to place participants in a unique environment away from the stress, pressure, and distractions of everyday ordinary life.

It provides them with innovative challenges (peak experience), and support them with experienced professionals who can help them process their thoughts and experiences to identify the skills and strategies that they can transfer to their everyday lives.

Wilderness therapy has proven very effective with teens who have struggled with academic problems, inappropriate behavior, depression, and related issues.

Wilderness therapy also provides a structured, supervised, and supportive environment where teens can learn to become independent and productive members of the family and other groups.

By completing the tasks that they may believe they are not able to reach (for example, completing a long hike, learn to make fire with natural materials basis, or even acknowledge their crimes before), students develop self-confidence and determination that will serve them well in all aspects of their lives.

Throughout the entire experience of the wilderness, the student must function in a safe and structured environment by an experienced adult staff member.

From the guides who are round-the-clock with them to the counselors and therapists who meet with them on a regular intermittent basis, these professionals ensure that students stay focused on making healthy progress.