Working Principle Of A Screw Compressor

The amount of air or gas trapped in the compression chamber and the space occupied is mechanically reduced, causing a corresponding increase in pressure before deflation.

The screw compressor has a pair of rotor joints positioned in a suitable housing to achieve compression. You can also get the best information about screw air compressors through the web.

screw air compressors

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One rotor is called the male rotor and the other rotor is called a female rotor. The number of male rotor blades and the number of female rotor channels vary from compressor factory to factory. 

However, female rotors always have more troughs (channels) numerically than male rotor levers to achieve better efficiency.

The male lobe acts as a continuous piston that rotates on the female flute, acting as a cylinder that inhales air and continuously reduces space.

The working principle of the screw compressor

  • When rotated, the front strip of the male lobe reaches the contour of the female groove and traps air in the preformed pouch.
  • Air moves through the grooves of the female rotor and compresses as the volume decreases.
  • When the male rotor lever reaches the end of the groove, trapped air is removed from the air.

However, the effectiveness of compression is not the whole story. Compressors depend on the efficiency of air and compressed space, but their total energy consumption also depends on some of the disadvantages and efficiency of the components included in the package.

Different Types Of Air Compressor Dryers

The presence of water in the compressed air system is very dangerous for the whole system. The water in the system damaged pipes, valves, and even powered frozen airlines outdoors. 

There are several types of air compressor dryers which each use a special function to remove water from the compression system.

The dryer most commonly used is a refrigerated air dryer. The chiller dryer has two separate functions: the first is to use the released air to cool the incoming hot air and to prevent condensation by increasing the temperature of the exhaust air. 

refrigerated air dryers

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Newer compressor sets are made with a compressor installed in the compressor. They have mixed reviews and have yet to become popular with consumers. While this is the main type of air compressor dryer used, others are available.

A food store dryer is a pressurized container with a tablet or powder at the bottom that slowly dissolves in the liquid when it draws water from the air compressor. 

Efficient air compressor dryers are easy to use and great for remote workplaces or for workers who have moved to another workplace.

Each helps remove water from compressed air and each has its uses. This will depend on the process that works best for each compressor and the environment in which the dryer will be used. 

These dryers have a special purpose for processes and tools that require only dry air. This includes some truck braking systems, air tools, and painting equipment that require compressed air.