How To Quit Thumb Sucking In Kids

Your baby may start sucking his thumbs in the womb and refined habits as an infant. When a child is young it is normal to pop the finger or thumb in their mouth as a way to calm down, soothe himself, or fall asleep.

There is no inflection in this habit at an early age. However, if you see your children doing this, consider replacing the point. Although you can see easy ways to  stop thumb sucking on the internet.

How to Address Thumb Sucking

It is ultimately up to your child to break the finger-sucking habit. That said, there are some things that parents should keep in mind as they seek to prevent the child from sucking their thumbs, as well as some strategies to try.

Keep calm

Yelling or insisting at your child to stop sucking their thumbs do not help. Although you may be worried about the potential damage they do to the teeth or all the germs they put in their mouths, becoming angry with a child is not likely to lead to cooperation.

Create a Diversion

Give your child something to do with their hands. If your children often suck their mothers when they are nervous, giving them a stress ball to squeeze.

If they suck their thumbs when they're bored, encourage your child to color a picture, throw the ball back and forth, or finger-paint what makes their little hands busy.

Praising a child

Every time you see your kid take the thumbs out of his mouths on their own accord, heap on the praise. Appreciate him by saying, "Great job of remembering to take your thumb out of your mouth," or "I see you keep your hands on the toy and out of your mouth today. Good work!"