How to Remove Yellow Background from AdSense Ads in WordPress?

I will tell you two ways to remove yellow background from Google AdSense ads. You can use whatever method you like. 

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Why Adsense ads show yellow background?

Due to the responsive size of Google Adsense ads, a yellow background ad appears. Google’s ads algorithm shows a small size ad if the advertisement is of high CPC revenue.

The appearance of yellow color in the background of Adsense ad is not due to AdSense or any plugin but because of the theme of the website.

This yellow background color is set for the tag in some standard WordPress themes. This tag is very common but Adsense is loaded in this element.

It is very important to remove yellow background from Adsense ad because it can have a very bad effect on your ad revenue.

How to remove yellow background adsense ads?

I will tell you two ways to remove yellow background from Google Adsense –

  • Using Plugin
  • With the help of Custom CSS

Remove yellow background using Advanced Ads WordPress Pugin

Login to your WordPress account: First of all login to WordPress and go to its dashboard. Advanced Ads-Ad Manager & AdSense plugin install.

  • Click on Plugin >> Add new .
  • Search by typing Advanced Ads-Ad Manager & AdSense plugin in the search box of the Add plugins section.
  • Now install and activate this plugin.

3. Go to the Adsense section of Advanced Ads and save it by ticking the Transparent background option:

  • Click on Advanced Ads >> Settings.
  • Go to the AdSense section and tick the check box next to the Transparent option and click on the Save setting on this page button.

Now go to their website and check. Yellow background would have been removed from Adsense ad. If it is not removed, then check once by clearing the cache of your browser.

Remove yellow background without Plugin

  • Click on Appearance >> Customize.
  • Click on Additional CSS.
  • Copy the below given CSS code and paste it in the additional css box and click on publish button.
ins.adsbygoogle {background:transparent !important;}

Note: If the yellow background is not removed from the ad, then clear the cache of your browser. If you are using caching plugin such as WP super cache etc in WordPress, then delete its cache and then check by visiting the website.

If there is any problem in understanding the post or if you have any question, then tell in the comment box below.

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