How to Get Google Adsense Approval for WordPress & Blogger

Today we are going to know all the information about this. If you also have a website or a blog you want to earn money online by showing advertisements on your blog by getting approved by Google Adsense. But you are facing a lot of problems in getting the approval of Google Adsense. When you apply your website in Google Adsense, then there Adsense rejects your site due to some reason or the other.

In this article I am going to guide you step by step along with Google AdSense Approval, I am going to tell all of you about AdSense Approval Trick 2022 which if you use then only and within 5 hours you will get Google Get Adsense approval. So if you also want to get your blog or website AdSense Approval as soon as possible. Read this article completely.

See, whenever we start a new website, the first and most important thing that our query gives are these. How do we get our website AdSense Approval because when it gets its fruit. So there is a lot of happiness because Adsense is the only great way where we can start earning money with the help of the website. Let us understand in which way you can get Google AdSense Approval.

Now let me tell you about Google AdSense Approval Trick 2022. By the way, I keep posting tutorials related to blogging daily on my YouTube channel. So do subscribe to the channel. Here I will tell you only 4 tricks, I will tell you four methods. Then you will get approval in just 5 hours, this is my guarantee.

  • Publish Quality Article 25+
  • Submit Site in Google Search Console+Sitemap
  • Theme+Customize
  • Main Pages

If you work on your website keeping these four points in mind, then you will get approval in just 5 hours because this is my experience speaks, I have got more than 10 websites approved in Google Adsense so far. Below I am going to explain these four points to you in detail.

How to Write a Quality Article

The first one that comes to our AdSense Approval Trick 2022 is to stay in quality contact and put quality articles on your website. There are many people other than ourselves who would be writing articles by themselves and would think that we are creating articles by typing by ourselves, meaning it is quality content. No, there is nothing like this, your thinking is absolutely wrong.

If you want to make quality content, then on whichever topic you are writing the article, all the questions of the people related to that topic should be solved in your article.

Apart from this, Google Adsense time says that you write articles on such topics which are very less available on Google and people search more about them if you will write articles on such topics which are already lying in large quantity on Google. In this case, your contact will be low-value contact.

So before making your contact quality, find some topics that are quality topics and then write the best content on it, almost you will have to put more than 25 posts to get Adsense approval on your website.

How to Find Out The Article Topics

A question must be coming to the mind of all of you that, after all, from where will we get the quality topic for the article, on which topic we have written the article, whatever our category is, where will we get the quality topics related to that category, then I have gone about it. I’ll tell you

The first and best platform where you can find unlimited topics related to your category is google question hub You will get SSC questions, you have to write articles on them.

From here, if you take the topic for the article for your website, then hundred percent you will get the approval of Google Adsense.

Submit Your Website+Sitemap to Google Search Console

Now our AdSense Approval Trick 2022 comes is that you have to submit your site to Google Search Console, along with you have to create your website Sitemap and put it in Google Search Console. This work is very important, if you do not submit your website to Google Search Console, then your website will not be indexed in Google.

When your website is not indexed in Google, then visitors from Google will not be able to come to your website and if you do not do this work, then AdSense will reject your website and there you will get a policy pollution error.


In which our next trick comes, you have to customize your website properly as well as you have to use a great template whether you are using a blogger platform or you are using WordPress.

Google Adsense says that the look of your website should be very simple, if any user comes to your website, then after seeing it, it should be understood that there is this thing on your website at this place.

It is simple to say that you have to use a great blogger or WordPress theme, you have to customize it properly, in the order section, now you have to put trees of our contact privacy policy in the footing, you have to make the menu correctly. Apart from this, you have to design your website in the best possible way, if you do not know, we have also made a video on this.

Where to get Theme or Template

Confused whether you are on Blogger or WordPress, where to download the best theme or template for your website? So let me also tell you about that where you will be able to download and use the premium template absolutely free of cost.

Create Blog Main Pages

Now our last method comes, the last trick comes, in which you have to create some pages for your website, some important first which will help you a lot in getting approval of Google Adsense.

Below I am telling you the names of some important pages that you have to create on your website.

  • About
  • Contact
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer

These are four pages that you have to create on your website, many people will not know how to create these pages. It is a very simple method, you will find many tools on Google, with the help of which you can autogenerate these pages if you do not know what to write.

Friends, these were some 4 steps, which if you follow, then you will easily get the approval of Google Adsense. But in this too many people make small mistakes, so let’s throw some light on it and explain it to you in detail.

Secret AdSense Approval Trick

Now I give you some of my personal tips and tricks to take AdSense Approval Trick 2022 and if you want to know cigarette tricks, then definitely keep reading carefully and understand carefully. All of you will follow the 4 steps that I told you above, but there are many small steps inside those 4 steps, if you make a mistake, then you can have a lot of problems ahead of it.

Don’t Use Copyright Content

There are many new users like myself who download any video directly from Google and insert it on their blog or copy some content from another website and put it on their website. 

If you are someone else’s contact, whether it is text, image, or video, if you copy it and put it on your website, then you are not going to get the approval of Google Adsense at all, then if you want any image then you can get free image. download. Apart from this, if you do not want to download it, then you can also create the image by yourself.

Website Age

After following the 4 steps I told you above, people do the second mistake they do. Has not made the website of Google has applied for the approval of Adsense. At least you have to wait 15 days before applying your website to Google Adsense, that is, if you have bought a new domain created today, then apply it to Google Adsense only after 15 days.

If you have created a website today, after 4 days after 5 days, if you really apply it, then in such a situation the under construction will come to your site. Before applying in Google Adsense, you must wait for 15 days.

Minimum Post

Now a lot of people are confused, they watch different videos on YouTube and come and tell me that brother, that guy got approval on 10 posts, if another brother got approval on five posts, then what should we do? Articles should be put on our website so that we can get the approval of Google Adsense immediately.

So let’s throw some light on this too, if you want to get approval of Google Adsense in 2022 as far as my experience is concerned then you have to put 25+ articles on your website. It is available even for less than this and sometimes it is not available even after putting more than this, then it depends on your luck, but as far as the experience speaks, you should put 25 articles.

Free Theme Vs Paid Theme

Friends, so far I have told many AdSense Approval Trick 2021, and let me tell you one last trick or say a brother-in-law, there are many people in the world who ask me on social media that we should use free themes. We are not getting the power of Hot Sense and many people ask me whether we should use a free theme or pad it, what should we do.

Many people are confused that Adsense does not give approval for using free themes, they have to buy a tree sim by paying money. So whatever these guys think is absolutely wrong, you will get the approval of Google Adsense even on the free theme.

AdSense Approval Trick 2022

As you go, I give some advice to all of you guys, I will tell you a bonus trick that works 99%. Above I have told you many methods, methods, and tricks so far, but here the most important thing comes that if you have to take the approval of Adsense about one thing, then the most important thing that Google Adsense considers is your content.

Even if you have written a very next-level unique convention and you have not used any of the above-mentioned methods, still you will get the approval of Google Adsense because they say no content is king. 

Improve the contact of your website as far as possible, try to make the best content, notice this article, I have soldered so much of your quirk, through this article, it is called quality content, in this way you contact on your website try to put.

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