How to Fix Your Connection is Not Private

Many times when we open our website in the browser, then the error “Your Connection is Not Private” appears on the screen of our mobile or computer.

Many times we open another’s website in our browser, even then the error of Your Connection is Not Private is shown and the browser refuses us to go to that site because the browser sees a threat from that site.

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In this way, what is the reason for why the error comes and what is its solution, the answer to all these questions is going to be found in detail in this post.

Why does the error of Your Connection is Not Private come?

When we create our website and make our website live through Domain and Hosting, then we need SSL Certificate.

When we do not enable SSL Certificate on our website and open our website in the browser then the error of Your Connection is Not Private comes.

Apart from us, if any other person opens the website without SSL in his browser, then this error comes in front of him also.

Now as soon as we install the SSL Certificate on our website, then this error stops showing in the browser.

Similarly, if you see this type of error while opening someone else’s website and that person installs the SSL Certificate on his website, then this error stops showing.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that identifies the identity of our website and contributes significantly to enabling an encrypted connection.

SSL Certificate creates an encrypted path between our website and browser so that our website is secure and protected from hackers.

Hackers can easily hack and abuse any website with a Non-SSL Certificate. If we visit any other website without SSL then there is a risk of data theft on our system.

That’s why when we try to open a website without SSL in our browser, the browser shows us the message Your Connection is Not Private.

This means that the browser is telling us that you should avoid visiting this site because your connection here will not be private and there is a possibility of loss to you.

For example, HTTPS is a URL with an SSL certificate, but if a URL contains only HTTP, then it does not have an SSL certificate and is not secure either.

How To Fix Your Connection is Not Private Error

If you are seeing the message Your Connection is Not Private while opening your website in your browser then you need to install an SSL certificate on your website immediately.

For this, if you open your hosting and check if the SSL certificate is installed and still this kind of message is showing, then you should reinstall your SSL once.

Or you can contact your hosting provider and tell them about it, the hosting provider will check the server you are using and then solve this problem.

How To Install Hostinger Free SSL Certificate

If you are using Hostinger hosting then follow the steps given below to install the SSL Certificate.

  • First of all, you reached the Cpanel of your Hostinger hosting and then click on this Hosting option above.
  • Now select your website.
  • Now type SSL in the search box above and then click on the SSL tab at the bottom.
  • Now if your website already has an SSL certificate installed and still the error with Your Connection is Not Private is coming in the browser, then install the certificate once.
  • For this click on the Uninstall button.
  • Now reinstall the SSL Certificate by clicking on the Install button again.
  • Now a new fresh SSL has been reinstalled on your website.
  • Now you or someone else will open your website in the browser, then it will open with SSL Certificate.

Delete Cache From Google Chrome

If you have installed an SSL certificate on your website and still your website is opening in non-SSL and your Connection is Not Private error is showing then there is some other work which you have to do.

  • You go to the settings of your Chrome browser and delete Cache, for this, open your Chrome browser and click on the triple-dot on the top right side and click on Settings.
  • Now click on the option of privacy and security on the left side.
  • Now click on clear browsing history and then select All-Time in the time range.
  • Now click on the box of browsing history and cached image and files below and tick mark it.
  • And now at last click on the button of Clear Data at the bottom.

Now the cache of your Chrome browser has been deleted and now if you open your website, it will open with SSL.

Don’t Use Public WiFi

Never use Public WiFi while opening your website because Public WiFi runs on HTTP ie Non-SSL.

In HTTPS, the last letter S means secure, which this S is not in public WiFi.

And in this situation, when you log in to your website in public WiFi, then any hacker can do damage by hacking your website’s admin panel or account.

Fix the Date and Time on your computer

Before accessing your website in your computer’s browser, you must check the date and time of your computer.

Because whenever you access your website on your computer, your computer shows the expiry time of your website’s SSL certificate based on the date and time being given on your computer.

And in such a situation, if the date and time of your computer are wrong, then the SSL of your website will also be shown according to the same time.

Restart Your WiFi Router

If your website is not opening or is opening without SSL, then you must restart your WiFi router once, it may solve the problem.

Because many times network bridges come in the WiFi router, due to which the connection does not work properly and our website is not able to open or open without SSL.

There can be many reasons for the error of Your Connection is Not Private when opening our website or any other’s website in the browser, whose solution has been mentioned in the above post.

We hope that after reading this post, your problem has been resolved, do you still have any questions left or you must write your suggestion in the comment box below.

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