How to Fix URL is Not On Google Indexing Errors

URL is Not On Google Indexing Errors It can be easy or difficult to rank the pages of any blog or website in the top of the search engine, but when your page will not be indexed in Google Search Console then you can rank that page in any way.

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URL is Not On Google Indexing Errors

Many times the problem of URL is Not On Google Indexing Errors is seen in Google Search Console, if you do not have any page index, then it means that Google’s bots have not been able to crawl that page.

But many times Google does not index your page even after crawling it because Google already has a lot of such information filled then why will it index your page.

What is Indexing?

Index means to make a list, that is, Google indexes all the pages of the same category and keeps them in a list so that if the user searches related to that category, then Google shows that list in front of the user.

Whenever you write a new post on your blog, Google indexes that page and adds it to the list related to that category, if that page is not indexed, then that page will not appear anywhere in the search engine.

Why is there no page index?

There are many reasons for not having a page index, maybe there is some error in your page, due to which Google’s bots could not crawl it and when the crawling could not happen, it means that Google got that page. No then how can google index that page.

Many times Google does not index your page because it has already indexed many pages on that topic, then why would it index the same type of information again and again.

Many times Google refuses to index our page with low quality content value because Google wants it to have high quality contact in the indexing list.

Many times Google does not understand our handwriting properly, because of this also it does not index that page, so we should write our post in such a way that even an ordinary person can read and understand it.

If there is more than one post of the same type on our site and you have not given Canonical tag to any one of them, then Google automatically considers one of those pages as Canonical and indexes it then the rest Doesn’t index pages.

Now we will know in detail some of the main reasons for not having page index below and also solve URL is Not On Google Indexing Errors.

Some main reasons and solutions for not having an index

1. Crawled Currently Not Indexed

If you are getting the message of Crawled, Currently Not Indexed in Google Search Console, then it means that Google has crawled or read that page of yours but is not indexing because according to that page you have The content entered is either of low quality or information like that Google already has hundreds of pages already indexed.

After getting the message of Crawled, Currently Not Indexed, there is no benefit in doing Request Indexing again, you just need to improve the quality of your page and then do Request Indexing.

If you think that the content put in your post is of high quality, yet it is not getting indexed, then you can create High Quality Backlink for that page from some high authority site, even your page gets indexed quickly.

2. Discovered currently not indexed

Getting the message of Discovered currently not indexed in Search Console means that Google cannot or does not want to crawl that page of yours.

Can’t means it means that there is a problem in Google’s Crawl budget, and doesn’t want to mean that Google thinks that your page is of that quality, then it thinks that there is any benefit by indexing it. Not there.

In such a situation, you put a link to another page related to that page as internal linking in that post and try to tell Google that there is another page related to it on your site, about which the necessary information is given in this page. Then in such a situation, Google will index that page of yours.

3. Orphan Pages

All our pages are automatically added to the sitemap, but sometimes due to the mistake of CMS, no page is added to the sitemap.

If a page has not been added to the Sitemap and interlinking has not been done with other pages in that page, then in this situation Google is not able to find that page and then there is a problem in indexing.

If a page is not indexed, then you should check your sitemap and see whether that page has been added to the sitemap or not, if it has not been added, then you add that page to the sitemap.

4. 5XX Issues

5XX Issues means Server Errors. 5XX means that the error code from 500 to 599 is seen in the search console, all of them come in server error.

When Google tried to crawl or read that page of yours, then those pages were not downloaded and because of this Google did not index your page.

Many times our site is down again and again due to random hosting and because of this 5XX issues come, for this either you talk to your hosting provider or switch to a good hosting.

5. Submitted URL Blocked by Robot TXT

If the message of Submitted URL Blocked by Robot TXT is coming in your Search Console, then it means that your page has been blocked in robots.txt by mistake.

For this, you edit your robots.txt file and allow the page, then this problem will be fixed automatically in the search console.

Many times, while creating robots.txt file, we accidentally allow the page to be blocked and block the one which has to be allowed, in such a situation we can also lose a lot of traffic coming to our site.

6. Submitted URL marked no-index

In robots.txt file we put tags to prevent some of our page from being indexed but by mistake we put that page in noindex category which should not be entered and because of this Google does not index our page.

If you are getting the error of Submitted URL marked no-index in your search console, then you should edit your robots.txt file to remove the no-index tag on the required page.

7. Soft 404

If your page has only header footer, there is no content in the middle or your page has dubby text or placeholder text or if you have written a very short post, then Google puts such page in soft 404 category and then Doesn’t index it.

Sometimes redirected links also cause the problem of Soft 404, if you have redirected the same link to many pages, then you will get a soft 404 error in the search console.

8. Canonical Issues

Many times we have more than one page of same type on our site and we should declare one page as Canonical page in all those pages then google index same page does not index rest page.

For example on your site abc these three pages are having same content then you can declare any one of these pages for example b for a and c as Canonical.

If you do not do this, then Google will index one of the three pages according to its Canonical understanding and will not index the remaining 2 pages.

What to do for Fast Indexing?

URL is Not On Google If you want your page to be indexed correctly in Search Console, then for this,

  • 1 Make sure that Google does not have any difficulty in crawling your page.
  • 2 Your page should be rendered correctly, that is, it should not look strange after the page is loaded.
  • 3 Your post should be of high quality so that the user’s problem can be solved.
  • 4 Proper internal linking has been done in your page and high quality outbound link has also been found.
  • Declare any one page from all pages with the same content as Canonical.

Here we have carefully understood all the aspects related to Page Indexing coming in Google Search Console and also got its solution.

If you have any suggestion related to this post URL is Not On Google Indexing Errors or you still have any question then let us know by commenting below.

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