How to Disable Ad Blocker Detection For Blogger?

Today i tell you how to apply Ad Blocker disable code in Blogspot blog. In time, more than 60% of internet users use adblock extension or adblock plus extension, so that ads do not show on their browser pageFor this reason, many bloggers suffer a lot in Adsense earning.

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When a visitor does not allow ads to be shown, means blocks, then the website owner does not earn at all through ads by that user This is the most annoying thing for all the bloggers who use Adsense.

But now you do not need to worry much because now we have brought such an Anti-Adblock Killer code for your blog, which after applying in your blog, when a visitor will open your blog and if the adblocker extension is ON in his browser. If it happens, a message will be shown to that user .

In which it will be asked to turn off that extension, only then it will be able to read your content And as soon as he uses OFF, then the ads in your blog will start showing.

How to add Ad Blocker in blogger?

If you have a blog and you are earning from Adsense on it, then you must put Adblock disable code in your blog.

Because in the future the number of users using the adblock extension is going to increase more, due to which the income from ads will gradually decrease.

It is not necessary that you use only Adsense ads, even if you use other ad networks, your income is getting affected very badly. Because this extension blocks all types of ads, due to which the ads on the website are blocked.

And as long as you do not show ads on any blog, then the income from it is zero.

If you want to earn good money from the advertisement of your ad network, then it will be right for you to add this Adblock disable code to your blog, because it will double your monthly income which is present at present.

If you do not add Adblock disable code to the theme of your blogger blog, then believe that in the coming time, even half of your monthly earning will not be there.

How to work Adblock disable code?

If we put a code to disable or block the Adblock extension in our blog, then the user will get a message asking him to disable the adblocker and at the same time he will lock your blog content.

If that reader will disable the adblocker, then the ads on your blog will start showing and the content will be unlocked which that reader wants to read.

So much so that you have come to know how important it is to add Adblock disable code in blog, so now we tell you how to apply Adblock Disable code in Blogspot Blog.

How to add Blogspot Ad Blocker code?

  • First of all login to your Blogger Dashboard .
  • Now   click on Layout >> Add a Gadget >> HTML/JavaScript .
  • After this an empty box will open in which paste the code given below.

left:0;width:100%;height:100%;background-color:#fff;opacity:0.9;filter:alpha(opacity=90);display:block}#g207 p{opacity:1;filter:none;font:bold 16px Verdana,Arial,sans-serif;text-align:center;margin:20% 0}#g207 p a,#g207 p i{font-size:12px}#g207 ~ *{display:none}</style><noscript><i id=g207><p>Please enable JavaScript!<br />Bitte aktiviere JavaScript!<br />S'il vous plaît activer JavaScript!<br />Por favor,activa el JavaScript!<br /><a href=""></a></p></i></noscript><script>(function(w,u){var d=w.document,z=typeof u;function g207(){function c(c,i){var e=d.createElement('i'),b=d.body,,l=b.childNodes.length;if(typeof i!=z){e.setAttribute('id',i);s.margin=s.padding=0;s.height='100%';l=Math.floor(Math.random()*l)+1}e.innerHTML=c;b.insertBefore(e,b.childNodes[l-1])}function g(i,t){return !t?d.getElementById(i):d.getElementsByTagName(t)};function f(v){if(!g('g207')){c('<p>Please disable your ad blocker!<br/>This site is supported by the advertisement <br/> Please disable your ad blocker to support us!!! </p>','g207')}};(function(){var a=['Adrectangle','PageLeaderAd','ad-column','advertising2','divAdBox','mochila-column-right-ad-300x250-1','searchAdSenseBox','ad','ads','adsense'],l=a.length,i,s='',e;for(i=0;i<l;i++){if(!g(a[i])){s+='<a id="'+a[i]+'"></a>'}}c(s);l=a.length;for(i=0;i<l;i++){e=g(a[i]);if(e.offsetParent==null||(w.getComputedStyle?d.defaultView.getComputedStyle(e,null).getPropertyValue('display'):e.currentStyle.display
)=='none'){return f('#'+a[i])}}}());(function(){var t=g(0,'img'),a=['/adaffiliate_','/adops/ad','/adsales/ad','/adsby.','/adtest.','/ajax/ads/ad','/controller/ads/ad','/pageads/ad','/weather/ads/ad','-728x90-'],i;if(typeof t[0]!=z&&typeof t[0].src!=z){i=new Image();i.onload=function(){this.onload=z;this.onerror=function(){f(this.src)};this.src=t[0].src+'#'+a.join('')};i.src=t[0].src}}());(function(){var o={'':'google_ad_client','':'adscale_slot_id','':'adPlaceId'},S=g(0,'script'),l=S.length-1,n,r,i,v,s;d.write=null;for(i=l;i>=0;--i){s=S[i];if(typeof o[s.src]!=z){n=d.createElement('script');n.type='text/javascript';n.src=s.src;v=o[s.src];w[v]=u;r=S[0];n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=function(){if(typeof w[v]==z&&(!this.readyState||this.readyState==="loaded"||this.readyState==="complete")){n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=null;r.parentNode.removeChild(n);w[v]=null}};r.parentNode.insertBefore(n,r);setTimeout(function(){if(w[v]!==null){f(n.src)}},2000);break}}}())}if(d.addEventListener){w.addEventListener('load',g207,false)}else{w.attachEvent('onload',g207)}})(window);</script>readyState==="complete")){n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=null;r.parentNode.removeChild(n);w[v]=null}};r.parentNode.insertBefore(n,r);setTimeout(function(){if(w[v]!==null){f(n.src)}},2000);break}}}())}if(d.addEventListener){w.addEventListener('load',g207,false)}else{w.attachEvent('onload',g207)}})(window);</script>readyState==="complete")){n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=null;r.parentNode.removeChild(n);w[v]=null}};r.parentNode.insertBefore(n,r);setTimeout(function(){if(w[v]!==null){f(n.src)}},2000);break}}}())}if(d.addEventListener){w.addEventListener('load',g207,false)}else{w.attachEvent('onload',g207)}})(window);</script>
  • Now save the widget by clicking on save.

Note: –   If you can do the message you want to show to the user, that means you can customize the message given in the code  “This site is supported by the advertisement, Please disable your ad blocker to support us” according to you can.

Now the adblock disable code has been successfully added to your blog. Now when a visitor will open your blog and if he has installed the adblock extension in his browser, then a message will show This site is supported by the advertisement, Please disable your ad blocker to support us.

When the ad blocker will be turned off by the visitor, then only he will be able to access your content and along with this the ads in the blog will also start showing.

I understand that now you  will not have any problem in adding Adblock Disable code to your Blogger Blog, if still there is any problem then you can ask by commenting. And if you like this post, then you can thank us by sharing it on social media.

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