How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button on Blogger?

Here we are going to tell you how you can add YouTube Subscribe Button to your blog and blog post. You must have seen in many websites that their YouTube Subscribe Button is installed in the sidebar, on clicking on which you go to their YouTube channel, as well as you can subscribe to that YouTube channel from the same.

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The special thing is that you can also put this YouTube Subscribe Button in your blog post so that any post on your site opens, then if he clicks on YouTube Subscribe Button then your subscriber on YouTube channel increases.

Why Add YouTube Subscribe Button?

You can put this YouTube Subscribe Button anywhere on your site and at the same time you can also put it in every post of your site. What happens is that this YouTube Subscribe Button looks a bit attractive on which people click and this increases the subscriber of your YouTube channel and people get to know about your YouTube channel.

All such sites keep their social links, whether it is of Facebook or YouTube or any other, all of  them are added to the social icon button on  their site, you too must have been connected in this way on your site but people on it are as much. Do not pay attention because it has become common in all the sites.

What are the benefits of adding YouTube Subscribe Button?

  • By adding a YouTube Subscribe Button to your blog, this is what the users of your site can know about your YouTube channel.
  • As soon as you click on this YouTube Subscribe Button, your channel gets subscribed by it, due to which the subscribers of your channel increase.
  • This YouTube Subscribe Button looks a bit beautiful, due to which your blog post or site starts looking a little beautiful.
  • You can make your YouTube channel grow through your site.

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button on Blogger website?

  • Now where and how you have to fill it, you read the information about all these things below.
  1. Enter the id of your YouTube channel in this, for this you copy the link of your YouTube channel
  2. Now copy all the links after the channel in the link of that channel
  3. Like this is a channel link, then channel is followed by UC2M1JuqAuo43324JDAexblQ, so I copied it 
  4. This is you Channel Name or ID
  • In this choose full because in default you will hide both the channel name and the logo (now your choice)
  • In this, choose the default because a black rectangular bar appears in the dark, which is not good to see and the default gets adjusted in color anywhere.
  • If you want to show the subscriber of your channel that there are so many subscribers on my channel then you choose default (shown) and if you do not want to show the subscriber of your channel then you can set hidden.

Now copy the entire code given below

<script src=""></script>

<div class="g-ytsubscribe" data-channel="GoogleDevelopers" data-layout="default" data-count="default"></div>
  • Now go to the layout of your blogger. (As soon as you open, you will get the option of layout in the sidebar)
  • Now wherever you want to put, choose the add a gadget in your site like I chose the sidebar and now you click on the add a gadget option given in the sidebar.
  • Now select HTML/JavaScript .
  • Now paste all your code in the content which you copied above.
  • After  that click on Save button.

You like the information given here, do tell us in the comment box and if you are facing any problem in adding YouTube Subscribe Button, then tell us in the comment box, we will definitely help you.

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