How to Add Author Box With Social Media Icon in Blogger?

Today, you can add Author Box to your Blogger website. In this Author Profile, we have to write about ourselves, such as your name, what you do, what is your purpose. 

You can write such things about yourself, and you can also put your photo. By which people will know about you that who is posting such good information after all.

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What are Author Box?

If you are a blogger then you will have a website, and you will be posting new information every day in it. Bloggers keep helping people through their blogs/websites, but still no one knows who they are who have written this information.

If you people add Author Profile to your Blog/Website, then whoever comes to your site to get information, then your Author Profile will be visible under that post. Information is written about you in the Author Profile, which you will write about yourself.

Like- your name, what do you do, what is your purpose of creating a site. You will write such information in your Author Profile and add it to your Blog/Website. So that people can know about you who you are.

How to put Author Profile in Blogger Website?

  • To set Author Profile in Blogger, you have to first come to the Dashboard of your blog.
  • Now you have to go to the settings of your blog.
  • In Settings, you have to go to the bottom, there you will get the option of User Profile.
  • Now you have to go to User Profile.
  • Now you have to fill your details.
  • You have to upload an image of yourself too.
  • Now you can click on Save.
  • Now you can go to your blog and see that the Author Profile has been added to your blog.

How to put Social Media Icon in Author Profile?

If you people want to put Social Media Icon in Blogger’s Author Profile, then you will need Html Code which you can copy from below.

<a href="">youtube</a>
<a href="">telegram</a>
<a href="">instagram</a>
<a href="">facebook</a>
<a href="">twitter</a>
<a href="">pinterest</a>
<a href="">rss</a>.

You guys copy this Html Code, after that you have to paste this code in the Settings of your Blog, in User Profile’s Optin, and on the Introduction Option.

Note- On this Html Code I will find the URL (Link) of my Social Media Account, so you have to add the URL (Links) of your Social Media Accounts in place of My URL (Link).

You must have understood that  how to add Social Media Account to the Author Profile of Blogger Blog/Website . I hope you liked this information.

If you liked this information, then tell us in the comment, even if there is any problem, you can comment. And do share this information, keep visiting this blog for similar information related to Blogging, SEO, Adsense. 

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