How to Add AdSense Ads Header & Footer in WordPress?

You can add adsense Ads code directly to the theme and place an ad in the header footer. But the disadvantage of this method is that after updating or changing the theme, your add code will disappear.

If there is an option to add code in header and footer in Appearance >> Customize section of your theme, then you can add code here and place ad in header and footer. But many themes do not have this option.

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If your theme does not have this option, then directly with the help of a plugin, you can add Adsense code to the header and footer of your website. So let’s know that How Add AdSense Ads Header & Footer in WordPress….

Add AdSense Ads Header & Footer in WordPress

First of all you have to create Adsense code. After that this code has to be added to the header and footer of the website with the help of plugin.

How to Create AdSense Ads Code?

Step 1 : Firstof all login to your Google Adsense account.

Step 2 : Click on Ads option.

Step 3 : Select By ad unitand click on Display ads.

Step 4 : The name of the ad unit can be named as per your wish. Select Horizontal below the Display ad preview. Let the ad size be responsive.

You can keep the size of the ad responsive or fixed according to you. But I would advise you to choose responsive ads only because it works well on all devices and screen sizes.

Step 5 : Now click on the create button. Adsense will generate ad code for you. Copy the codeand click on done.

Now you have to add this code to your website.

How to add AdSense Ads code to your website

Step 1 : First of all login to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2 : Click on Plugins >> Add New . After that search by typing header & footer in the search box of the plugin section andinstall and activate the Insert Header and Footers by WpBeginner plugin.

Step 3 : Click on Settings >> Insert Header and Footers . Paste the copied Adsense code in the Scripts in Header and Scripts in Footer boxes and click on the Save button.

Now open your website and see that the ad will be visible in the header & footer. If it is not visible, try clearing the cache of your browser.

I hope you have understood this post well. If there is any problem in understanding this post related to How to Add AdSense Ads in Header & Footer or if you have any question then write in the comment box below.

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