How to Access the Root Directory of Website in cPanel

In this post, we will learn how to Access the Root Directory of the Website, if you are a blogger then you will need to upload something in the root folder of cPanel.

But many people do not know what is cPanel Root Directory, due to which it is difficult to find this directory.

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What is cPanel Root Directory?

A root directory is a folder, it is also called Documents Root or Web Root, or Site Root. This is a publicly accessible base folder on a website.

The root folder contains index files such as index.php, index.html, and default.html, and is often named public_html.

By the way, the names of the Root Folder of many websites can be different because it depends on the web host and its settings.

Root Folder contains the main content of your website like posts, images, videos, etc. And we download public_html first while taking backup of our website .

When is the root directory required?

Sometimes we need to upload some files to Root Directory like ads.txt file, robots.txt file, etc.

Apart from this, we sometimes need to edit the .htacess file because the .htacess file is also inside the Root Folder.

How to Open Root Directory in cPanel?

Many times we have to upload some files in Root Directory, for this, we go to cPanel and open public_html inside Root Directory and then we upload our file in it.

When you get the approval of Adsense, then from there we also upload the ads.txt file in the public_html of the Root Directory itself.

To open Root Directory, first, you log in to cPanel and then click on the Domains link in the Domains section.

Now the name of the Root Directory public_html will appear under the Document Root, it means that the name of the root directory is public_html, click on it. 

On clicking on the link of public_html, the root directory or root folder will open, in which you will be able to see the .htacess file robot.txt or ads.txt file.

Now to upload whatever file you have been asked to upload in the Root Folder, click on the Upload button above and then select and upload the file kept on your computer.

How to Open Root Root Directory in FileZilla?

If you have taken VPS i.e. Virtual Private Server for your website, then you have to take the help of FileZilla FTP software to open Root Directory here.

For this, first you login to your server in FileZilla FTP Client and then type /var/www/Html in Remote Site on the right side and then press enter button on your computer’s keyboard.

Now you have come to the HTML Folder of Root Directory, here you will get to see the .htacess file and robot.txt, etc. files.

Now here you upload your file, which was asked to put the file in the root folder or directory.

Importance of Root Directory for SEO

We create robots.txt files for our blog or website and put them in the root folder because big search engines like Google find these files in the root folder only.

Therefore the importance of Root Folder in the Root Directory is important for Blog SEO.

.htacess file is also a very important file, from this, we control our blog and this file is also in the Root Directory.

Apart from this, index.php is also located in the root directory and this file is also very important for our website.

And sitemap.xml is also in the Root Directory, using this file the search engine crawlers can easily crawl your page and accordingly make a crawl budget for your website.

So here we have taught how to open the root directory in cPanel and FileZilla.

If you are a blogger, then the more you get to know about cPanel and VPS server, the more you will move forward in the field of blogging.

Because only learning to write posts will not be able to take you to the heights in the world of blogging, for this you will have to learn complete information about the server.

If you still have any questions related to this tutorial post, then ask us by writing in a comment, and we will try to answer your questions.

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