Choosing a Family Photographer in Cairns

Family photography has changed since the days of dark studios and uncomfortable posing stools… more and more people want a freer approach to their sessions. With the advent of cheap digital cameras, people began to believe that there is no need for professional photographers – for holidays and day-to-day photographs, a digital camera is perfect and you will be the best person to capture these moments.

I recommend you buy the best you can afford! These moments are to be treasured and they shall be, just remember to get them printed! Don't leave the pictures on the computer or camera, these things can delete your pictures if something goes wrong with them.

These moments are precious and I'm in favor of the growing consumer digital market, on the other hand, I can also see and understand the need for professionally taken photographs. Professionals know how to make you look good in a picture and kids tend to behave better for someone they don't know – hiring a professional family and children's photographer will bring that element of behavior into the session. To hire one, you can search for the best Cairns family photographers via 


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I've heard parents from all walks of life say that their child just won't look at the camera, no matter how hard they try. A professional child & family photographer, apart from being a 'new person' also has had a lot of experience with children and knows the best way to encourage them to participate fully in the session, from great big smiles to cute grumpy frowns.

Another advantage with hiring a professional portrait photographer is all of the work they do 'behind the scenes. Professionals have bought the best processing software available along with a host of various upgrades and plug-ins.