Get the Best Chew Toys for Your Dogs

It is a fact that chewing is not only for dog’s fun but it also helps to keep their teeth clean and make their jaw stronger. And for puppies, chewing helps their gums feel better. This is important to choose dog toys according to the dog’s size and age as well as according to your dogs’ preference. But which chew toys and treats are safe for your dog? Here’s a guide to choosing the best chew dog toys.

Safe Chew Toys: Important Things to know and consider

The first thing to keep in mind is what type of chewer your dog is? Notice your dog for a few times to analyze which type of chew toy he likes to play with? Also, check under which category your dog fits the best:

  • The Shedder: Shedders are those who destroy the chew toys if you put them in front of them. They break the chew toys into pieces.
  • The Lover: These types of dogs are the savor; they behave gently with their toys. These dogs are lovers, not fighters. There’s no need to worry about the toy’s innards all over your house.
  • Inhalers: Inhalers are those who bite off large chunks of edible chews and swallow them fast.

Always buy the quality chew toy for your dog like check out the Washability, shape, and size, hardness, Coating, Softness & Durability, etc.